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Dr. Jeffrey Sack Sarasota Discusses Volunteering at the Sarasota Memorial Community Specialty Clinic

Dr. Jeffrey Sack Sarasota discusses the Sarasota Memorial Community Specialty Clinic and his time volunteering there.

The Sarasota Memorial Community Specialty Clinic (CSC) has been providing medical care to Sarasota County citizens in need for 25 years. This clinic targets residents who are in financial need and are currently underinsured or completely uninsured. Simply put, this clinic provides relief for local residents who are in need of healthcare but can’t afford costly insurance policies or a trip to other healthcare providers in the area. The CSC is staffed by volunteer physicians, like Dr. Jeffrey Sack Sarasota, who provide professional care at the same level as their own practices.

Dr. Jeffrey Sack Sarasota recently discussed the importance of the clinic as well as his time volunteering there. Dr. Jeffrey Sack Sarasota explained that it’s essential to note that patients do not receive inferior care or treatments simply because the clinic is aimed toward those in financial need. In fact, the clinic provides a variety of specialty services on-site, including dermatology, cardiology, gynecology, orthopedics, podiatry, some surgeries, and countless others. Dr. Jeffrey Sack Sarasota stated that the care clinic also offers offsite specialty services to which the CSC can refer patients. These include vascular surgery, ophthalmology, rehabilitation, sleep disorders, radiation oncology, nutrition services, and dozens of others.

Dr. Jeffrey Sack Sarasota stated that his time volunteering at this clinic was one of the most fulfilling parts of his career. As an avid philanthropist, it came as no surprise to his friends and family that he would give his time, energy, and much of his profit to help Sarasota citizens in need. Dr. Jeffrey Sack Sarasota spent almost seven years volunteering at this clinic in the cardiology department. His time there resulted in more than 3 million dollars in free care for those in need.

Dr. Jeffrey Sack Sarasota explained that the CSC is an essential part of the Sarasota Community. It is available to patients over the age of 17, and who fall inside the 200 percent of federal poverty guideline. Potential patients must be Sarasota residents (with proof of residency), have proof of financial need, and come with a physician referral. 

Dr. Jeffrey Sack Sarasota explained that doctors like himself don’t enter the medical field in search of profit. They enter in hopes of providing fellow citizens with a higher quality of life and giving them more time here on earth. Dr. Jeffrey Sack Sarasota stated that deciding to give his time and energy to the CSC for nearly seven years was an easy decision that he would never regret. He stated that with the onset of the coronavirus pandemic and the difficult financial times occurring right now and in the future, he hopes more doctors will make the choice to volunteer for Sarasota citizens and others in need around the globe. 

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