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Dr. Jeffrey Sack Sarasota

Dr. Jeffrey Sack Sarasota Discusses the Therapeutic Benefits of Photography

In 2018, Lancaster University released a study that found photography – even just taking one photo a day – could improve the well-being of the subjects by promoting self-care, community interaction, and creating the potential for reminiscence. Dr. Jeffrey Sack Sarasota, a hobby photographer, says, “Photography forces you to be mindful and in the moment. It forces you to really see what’s in front of you. While you’re looking for something unusual or different to take a picture of, you learn to see things in a different way.”

Dr. Jeffrey Sack Sarasota Discusses Photography and the Joy of Creation

“There is something very human about wanting to create – the joy and pride that comes with making something beautiful,” says Dr. Jeffrey Sack Sarasota.

And indeed, there is a certain inherent excitement and risk that comes with letting go of preconceived notions and trying something new. Creation can engage the mind and lift the spirit. Humans have evolved to be problem solvers, to try new things and find new ways of creating and being. Some studies have found that crafting and creating have a similar effect on the mind as meditation.

“It’s so calming. When I’m looking through the lens, it’s like I’m fully present, and my mind just slows down,” says Dr. Jeffrey Sack Sarasota. “I’m able to see details and beauty that I would have walked right past otherwise.”

Photography Makes You More Motivated to Get Outside and Interact Says Dr. Jeffrey Sack Sarasota

“As you’re looking for new things to photograph, you find yourself walking down streets you’ve never been down, exploring new parks, discovering new buildings, talking to people you never would have met otherwise,” says Dr. Jeffrey Sack Sarasota interventional cardiologist.

We all know the anecdotal evidence – being outside lifts your spirits and puts an extra spring in your step. And science does indeed support this. Fresh air, movement, sunlight – all have been found to lessen symptoms of depression, reduce stress, and increase peace and feelings of well-being. “Just looking at a picture of a tree can reduce your blood pressure significantly. You amplify the effects tenfold by really getting out in nature,” says Dr. Jeffrey Sack Sarasota.

“And as you’re doing all this exploring, you naturally end up getting more exercise,” says Dr. Jeffrey Sack Sarasota.

“And exercise is the number one non-medication treatment that is prescribed for cardiovascular health and depression,” continues Dr. Jeffrey Sack Sarasota. “It floods your brain with endorphins and dopamine while your body is strengthened. Add that to the pride and joy of creation and you have a hobby that is both fulfilling and fun.”

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